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Hiking trips in the vicinity!

Set out to a hiking trip and visit some of the attractive and inspiring places we have picked out for you. We recommend these based on our personal experience, as many of these offer refreshments and/or wonderful view. Visit well-known and also lesser known locations in Bohemian Paradise.

foto z výletu na Trosky foto z výletu na Trosky
foto z výletu na Trosky mapa výletu na Trosky

Trosky Castle day trip

  • distance: 3.4 km
  • time needed: ca. 90 minutes
  • green and blue trail marks
  • hiking trail map
  • short and pleasant hiking trip to the Bohemian Paradise prominent landmark
  • path not suited for prams (there are many roots and stones)
  • join the green trail mark near the cottage and descend the hill following the blue trail on your way back
  • walk uphill is definitely worth the effort, as you can admire beautiful views of Bohemian Paradise, Giant Mountains and the mountain peak of Ještěd…
  • when reaching the summit, you can reward yourself with a treat in the local refreshment stall website
  • opening months: April–October; also worth visiting off season website
foto z výletu na Vidlák foto z výletu na Vidlák
foto z výletu na Vidlák mapa výletu na Vidlák

Vidlák Pond day trip

  • distance: 7.3 km
  • time needed: ca. 2 hours 30 minutes
  • green and yellow trail marks
  • hiking trail map
  • pleasant walk in flat terrain, well suited for prams
  • you can also read some information about Libuňka natural monument – information board is located between bridges, at the foot of the hill by the access road to the cottage - map
  • I also recommend Hrudka and Rokytňák ponds along the road for bird-watching and a view of Trosky (also perfect for swimming in the summer)
  • <
  • if you are lucky, you may see a coypu family living at the shores of Vidlák pond
foto z výletu na Borecké skály foto z výletu na Borecké skály
foto z výletu na Borecké skály mapa výletu na Borecké skály

Borecké skály Rocks, via Rovensko pod Troskami

  • distance: 7.7 km
  • time needed: ca. 3 hours
  • green and blue trail marks
  • hiking trail map
  • medium length walk, suited for all-terrain prams
  • start at the bridge beneath the cottage and follow the green trail mark to Rovensko pod Troskami
  • Rovensko is unique for its 1630 bell tower with upside down bells (not on the trail) and there is also a tourist information center
  • place of interest on the trail (pin number 4): Traces of Jára Cimrman (fictional Czech genius) in Rovensko pod Troskami
  • Borecké skály Rocks natural monument: lookout point named after the Czech writer and poet Svatopluk Čech offers a beautiful view of Trosky Castle, Želva (Turtle) rock formation and fallow deer reservation in Rovensko (Northeast direction)
  • during summer, the best ice cream around (stall in Borek pod Troskami) - Zmrzlina v Ráji
  • Borek pod Troskami motorbike museum - opening hours